Prof Borge Nordestgaard

Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Academic Leadership

I have extensive knowledge of the EAS, joining aged 31, attending numerous congresses with invited presentations, including plenary lectures and the 2022 Anitschkow lecture. I served on EAS Executive Committees (1998-2001 and 2013-2016), organizing activities, including Consensus Papers (first author on 3 and co-author on 11). My H-index is 148 (Web of Knowledge and Scopus), and since 2015-2022 I was ranked among the top 0.1% highly cited researchers globally (, with 900 original articles and 140 other publications. Through academic excellence and a clear track record of mentorship (71 successful Ph.D.-students, 34 postdocs, and 50 other young scientists) I am ideally placed to nurture the independent researchers of tomorrow.

International Network

International collaboration is essential for the EAS and I will expand and strengthen my existing collaborations across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Latin America and see what the EAS can do for you wherever you are.

I am ideally connected to leverage good working relations with major players within atherosclerosis research and clinical implementation, including those within US (AHA, ACC, NLA, ADA, and AACC), Europe (ESC and EFLM), and the IAS, having been invited to participate in 3 US-based, 3 other European-based, and 2 international-based consensus statements.

Collaboration without personal financial interests is important for the EAS and I will bring an existing, extensive network of 10+ pharmaceutical industries who I have collaborated with extensively over two decades to see how industry and academia can further work together to benefit patients.  

Organization and Communication

I have extensive experience as Chairman/President of the Scandinavian Atherosclerosis Society at age 36 and contributed to the organization of 10 European and 3 US congresses. Further, I have organized the Copenhagen General Population Study with >160,000 participants and run a large and successful research group in Copenhagen. If elected, I will not only work hard for you, but be the person I have been throughout my life, straight forward and honest, an essential characteristic for leading the EAS with transparency and integrity.

My vision

My passion for the EAS runs deep. Everybody interested in atherosclerosis should be part of our society, whether they are in clinical work, basic research, clinical research, implementation, industry, patient organization, medical regulation, publishing or media, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, country, religion, and gender identity. We can all contribute equally to the success of the EAS and I hope to involve as many of you as possible in EAS activities.

Together we can further develop our society in high-quality research, implementation, training of clinicians, clinical guidelines, global outreach, and inclusion of all those interested. We will nurture young talent, create collaborations, and develop future leaders, jointly with all national and other societies affiliated with the EAS.

Personally, I want to give back broadly to the society that has given me so much, and I will make time to continue the progress for a financially strong, stable professional society fit for the future. I dream of our EAS to represent the very best and for everybody.

Current positions

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