Clinician’s Handbook Update 2023

Helping practitioners to translate the guidelines into patient care

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About The Clinician’s Handbook

After The 2019 ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias were released, EAS published The Clinician’s Handbook: Dyslipidaemia and Atherosclerosis Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment as a case-oriented approach to understanding the role of lipids and lipoproteins in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment.

The Clinician’s Handbook was introduced as a bridge between the formal guidelines and clinical practice, to help practitioners to translate the guidelines into patient care. In the Handbook fourteen different clinical cases are presented, and for each one the authors show how the Guidelines are used in the evaluation of the patient’s cardiovascular risk, and in the recommended treatment options.

Update 2023

Since 2019 a number of new studies have been published, some new lipid-lowering drugs have been accepted by the authorities, and new consensus documents have been published by EAS. It is therefore time to publish an updated version of the Handbook that takes into account these recent developments. The goal of this updated version of The Clinician’s Handbook is to follow up the 2019 Guidelines and to discuss how to apply in modern clinical practice the recent progress in drug development and science.

With a background in the 2019 Guidelines, the new lipid-lowering drugs and recent key publications are now discussed in the Handbook’s introduction.  And for each case example, the impact of the new therapeutic options and recent scientific progress on clinical practice is discussed in an author’s comment.


EAS gratefully acknowledges the work of the contributors to this Handbook:

  • Editor: Olov Wiklund
  • Co-Editors: Alberico L. Catapano, Philippe Moulin, Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Lale Tokgozoglu
  • Case authors: Eric Bruckert, Alberico L. Catapano, Michel Farnier, Luis Masana, Philippe Moulin, Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Lale Tokgozoglu, Olov Wiklund