Members’ General Assembly

The annual Members’ Assembly is held during the annual EAS Congress or, if appropriate, during EAS-related workshops or symposia. Members will be notified of the date and place of the next annual Members’ Assembly at least three months in advance.
Documents to be discussed at the Members’ General Assembly will be posted on the EAS website at least one month in advance of the relevant meeting and minutes are posted on the EAS website within three weeks of the Members’ General Assembly.

The Society’s Annual Members’ General Assembly is open to Individual members with a current, paid membership subscription. To be entitled to vote, the membership must be registered and paid at the latest on the 31 December of the previous year.
Ordinary Members are welcome to attend the General Assembly virtually; however, only those Members present in person have voting privileges.

Please note that to join the Members’ General Assembly you need to submit two documents for eligibility verification, to FAQ regarding verification of membership →