To establish a multinational consortium of experts with an interest in atherosclerosis to develop the EAS Lipid Registry of Africa (LIPRA) with the goal to examine novel epidemiological data to further understand and address the risk factors of premature acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in Africa.

Premature atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is becoming an increasing problem worldwide. This could be explained by the presence of multiple risk factors, genetic causes, including FH and elevated LP(a), as well as drugs and substances. Risk factor profiles may differ for different ethnic backgrounds, geographical areas, and socioeconomic conditions.

As part of the joint activities of the EAS and its national societies, it is with pleasure to announce the newly established LIPRA observational registry project in Africa.

Its purpose is to establish a network and infrastructure of researchers and communications across Africa, to study risk factors and lipid profiles in Africans with premature acute coronary syndrome and their treatment strategies across different African countries.

LIPRA National Leads will collect and contribute data via an e-platform to upload approved Case Report Files from consented participants.

Clinicians and researchers from Fifteen African countries are currently involved in LIPRA.

Management team

Dr. Ashraf Reda
& Project Manager

Prof. Alexandros D


Prof. Alberto Zambon

Dr. Alexander RM

External Advisor