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Explore the publications resulting from analysis of the data collected by the EAS FHSC. They are being released on a regular basis. You can find these publications on the EAS FHSC website.

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The FH Studies Collaboration

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) represents a major global health problem because, despite being very common, it is widely underdiagnosed, undertreated and, as a result often fatal. The consequences of FH in the form of premature atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events are potentially preventable, but require effective initiatives and policies to address the current issues and reduce the burden of disease.

To address these issues, EAS FH Studies Collaboration (FHSC) has since 2015 collected data from FH investigators from all over the world. The data is pooled, harmonised and analysed to give the investigators a better understanding of FH. EAS FHSC raises awareness of the disease and encourages the development of programmes, initiatives and policies specifically focused on FH, by joining efforts from healthcare providers, patient organizations, policy makers and the entire medical community.