Election Committee

In 2019 the EAS Executive Committee defined in detail the processes for the Society’s elections; these were first implemented in 2020. The Executive Committee (EC) appoints the Chair of the Election Committee (ELCOM), and the Society’s members are engaged in the selection of its members.

Details of the procedures are available here >

ELCOM 2023-2025

Election Committee Chair
Prof Arnold von Eckardstein
Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital of Zurich,


The newly elected members, joining ELCOM chair Prof von Eckardstein on the committee 2023-2025, are:

Prof Giulia Chiesa
Milan, Italy


Prof Ruth Frikke-Schmidt
Copenhagen, Denmark


Prof Ulf Landmesser
Berlin, Germany


Prof Michal Vrablik
Prague, Czech Republic



Review the EAS members’ nominations to replace retiring Officers or Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee.
Select up to five candidates who will stand for any one elected position, based on;

  • the nominee’s qualifications and suitability for the position (compared to the ideal candidate profile)
  • geographical spread of the candidates and existing members of the EC
  • gender balance