Election Committee (ELCOM)

In 2019 the EAS Executive Committee defined in detail the processes for the Society’s elections; these were first implemented in 2020. The Executive Committee (EC) appoints the Chair of the Election Committee (ELCOM), and the Society’s members are engaged in the selection of its members.

Details of the procedures are available here >

ELCOM 2023-2025

Election Committee Chair 2023-2025

Prof Arnold von Eckardstein

Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital of Zurich,

ELCOM members 2023-2025, are:

Prof Giulia Chiesa

Milan, Italy

Prof Ruth Frikke-Schmidt

Copenhagen, Denmark

Prof Ulf Landmesser

Berlin, Germany

Prof Michal Vrablik

Prague, Czech Republic

Remit of the ELCOM

The Election Committee is tasked with reviewing nominations from EAS members to fill vacancies left by retiring Officers or Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee. The committee selects up to five candidates for each position, considering several factors:

a. Qualifications and suitability
ELCOM evaluates nominees based on their qualifications and suitability for the position, comparing them to the ideal candidate profile.

b. Geographical spread
The committee ensures a balanced representation by considering the geographical spread of candidates and existing EC members.

c. Gender balance
Maintaining gender balance is a priority in candidate selection to promote diversity and inclusion within the Executive Committee.

Eligibility criteria, ideal candidate profiles, and Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures are also taken into account during the selection process to ensure transparency and fairness.

Independence and discretion

  • ELCOM retains the authority to make independent decisions, not subject to overruling by the EC.
  • ELCOM exercises complete discretion in its decision-making process.
  • The final list of candidates to stand in the election for EC positions presented to the EAS members is inviolable, not subject to alteration by the EC or any EAS members.

Election of ELCOM Members

  • The EAS members are actively engaged in determining the composition of the ELCOM.
  • The ELCOM is constituted by a chairman and four members.
  • The chairman of the ELCOM is autonomously appointed by the EC for a non-renewable term of three years.
    • Chairman appointment and removal
      • The EC reserves the right to remove the ELCOM chairman if deemed incapable of fulfilling duties, requiring unanimous agreement among all EC members for removal.
      • In the event of the chairman’s removal, the ELCOM is dissolved, necessitating the formation of a new committee.
    • Selection of ELCOM Members:
      • The chairman curates a “short list” of 8-10 nominees from diverse countries, each possessing requisite scientific qualifications, leadership experience, and gender balance.
      • Society members cast their votes for ELCOM members via the EAS website. The top four nominees with the highest votes are elected as ELCOM members.
  • Term of office
    • ELCOM members serve either one or three-year terms, with no possibility of re-election.
    • The Election Committee is entrusted with ensuring the adherence to these principles, thereby upholding a fair and transparent electoral process within the EAS Society.