Our vision

Since its inception in 1964, EAS has built up a portfolio of activities and initiatives, carried out by our members, driven by a spirit of scientific enquiry and exchange. 

Scientific leadership 

Through our Publication programme of guidelines and consensus position papers, EAS creates a framework for discussion of new developments in the atherosclerosis field.  

Education & Research 

The topics covered in our publications feed in to the Society’s Educational programme. With live and online educational activities EAS supports exchange of knowledge between scientists and clinicians. By reaching out to involve young scientists, and providing a forum for our members to share expertise, we will strengthen and grow the Society at the forefront of developments and innovation in the atherosclerosis field. 

Networks, Collaborations & Outreach 

The infrastructure provided by EAS networks – the Lipid Clinic Network, the EAS-Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Studies Collaboration (EAS-FHSC), and national atherosclerosis societies – allows us to share knowledge and expertise, the better to address educational need where it is most acute.  

Through our collaborations with related scientific societies we will expand our knowledge of scientific developments in the atherosclerosis field at the interface of other areas.