The EAS Lipid Clinic Network (LCN) brings together clinics to address challenges in management of lipid disorders in European countries. The Lipid Clinic Network provides a structure to establish uniform EU-wide standards of diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with lipid disorders, based on the ESC/EAS Guidelines on management of dyslipidaemias.

Objectives of the network

  • To set up, harmonise and structure a network of lipid clinics, leveraging on the diverse connections between leading lipid clinics in Europe via the Society and its members, FHSC and national atherosclerosis societies and through exchange through the network …
  • to update existing clinics to specified standards, and establish clinics in countries where none exist at present
  • to establish EU-wide standard procedures for diagnosis & treatment of lipid disorders, with regular updates and standardisation of existing procedures, according to current European Guidelines on management of dyslipidaemias 
  • to establish EU-wide common standards & methods, and use of standardised measurements & software (update current standards, establish standards in countries where none exist at present) 
  • to establish standard recommendations in EU-wide public health policies regarding the diagnosis (with & without genetic testing) and treatment of lipid disorders. 
  • to promote awareness among policy makers within governments and national health funds in each EU country,  driving for higher financing for research and educational programmes and reimbursement of therapies dedicated to patients with lipid disorders. 

Benefits of the network 

By forming a structured European network of clinics dedicated to diagnosis and management of lipid disorders, we will facilitate exchange, educate and promote the work of clinical lipidologists, enabling them to share:

  • clinical experiences in the management of affected patients
  • knowledge about diagnosis
  • information about outcomes
  • approaches to barriers to sub-optimal patient care

The Lipid Clinic Network will also serve as the basis for educational activities and training, including web-based and online education.

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EAS have independently organised all matters related to the Lipid Clinics Network and its programme of activities.
The Society gratefully acknowledges financial support of the Network’s platform and infrastructure through an unrestricted educational grant provided by Novartis, and support of the Network’s educational activities through unrestricted support provided by Amgen and Sanofi.