Executive Committee

Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

The EAS Executive Committee is the elected governing body responsible for the running of the Society. Its members determine the scientific direction of the Society, and are responsible for strategic planning of EAS activities and the Society’s financial management.
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Prof Kausik Ray
London, UK
President (2021-2024)

Prof Lale Tokgözoglu
Ankara, Turkey
Past President (2021-2024)

Prof Christoph J. Binder
Vienna, Austria
Vice President (2021-2024)

Prof Marianne Benn
Copenhagen, Denmark
Treasurer (2022-2025)

Prof Maciej Banach
Lodz, Poland
Secretary (2021-2024)

Prof Philippe Moulin
Lyon, France
EAS Academy, Web Education (2020-2023)

Prof Jeanine Roeters van Lennep
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Communications (2021-2024)

Prof Stefano Romeo
Gothenburg, Sweden
EAS Academy, Web Education (2021-2024)

Prof Alberto Zambon
Padua, Italy
National Societies (2021-2024)

Executive Committee members as of January 2024 are:

Prof Borge Nordestgaard
Copenhagen, Denmark
President-Elect during 2024
President (2025-2028)

Prof Evangelos Liberopoulos
Athens, Greece
Executive Committee member (2024-2027)

Adjunct Committee Members 2023

Prof Alberico L. Catapano
Milan, Italy
Lipid Clinic Network

Election 2024

In 2024 we are looking for new active and engaged members to join this Committee and invite EAS members to put forward their proposals to fill the vacant positions. For more information, election proceedures & timline, follow the link below: