Collaborations & Outreach

National atherosclerosis societies

EAS has close links with national atherosclerosis societies, as we share many mutual interests and common goals. We coordinate an annual meeting of the Presidents of European national societies, to facilitate collaborative approaches to the scientific, social and political challenges that many organisations face. EAS offers travel grants and membership benefits to national societies’ members, and EAS takes part in national societies’ own meetings as part of our educational programme.


The EAS LatAm group is a selected team professors and doctors from Latin American-affiliated national societies. The mission is to advance and exchange knowledge of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in Latin America and the West Indies.


As part of the joint activities of the EAS and its national societies, it is with pleasure to announce the LIPRA observational registry project in Africa.

Its purpose is to establish a network and infrastructure of researchers and communications across Africa, to study risk factors and lipid profiles in Africans with premature acute coronary syndrome and their treatment strategies across different African countries.

LIPRA National Leads will collect and contribute data via an e-platform to upload approved Case Report Files from consented participants.

Clinicians and researchers from Fifteen African countries are currently involved in LIPRA.

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Studies Collaboration (FHSC) and Lipid Clinic Network (LCN)

EAS has created, within the structure of our Society, networks that allow our members with special interests to more easily collaborate with each other. Find out more about the activities of the FH Studies Collaboration (FHSC), and the Lipid Clinic Network (LCN).

European Lipoprotein Club (ELC)

Since 2015, EAS has been a supporter of the European Lipoprotein Club, providing support to the annual meeting and administrative support to the running of this independent Society. Find out more about the ELC and its annual meeting.