Anitschkow Prize 2025

Anitschkow Prize 2025

Call for nominations for the 2024 Anitschkow Prize will open September 2 – October 14 2024.
Find all information about the Prize and the criteria below:


September 2 – October 14: Call for nominations
November: Reviewing and decision by Anitschkow Jury
December: Announcing the Anitschkow Prize recipient 2025
May 4: Anitschkow Lecture at EAS Congress in Glasgow, UK


Nominees should fulfill these criteria:

  • Recognised for his/her research in the area of atherosclerosis and linked metabolic disturbances
  • Has made outstanding novel contributions to and an impact on the discipline to date
  • Has an excellent track record of publications in the atherosclerosis area
  • Is currently an active researcher
  • Is eligible according to the table below

Nomination Process

  • Candidate nominations may be submitted by an EAS member, and should be supported (seconded) by a peer
  • Candidate nominations will be evaluated by an independent review panel, according to the criteria given above
  • Check the table below to make sure;
    • you are eligible to nominate
    • your nominee is eligible to be considered for the Prize

Table of eligibility – nominators & nominees

EAS Committee members
May nominate/
if nominated
Executive Committee member
(current & until 1 year after their term is over)
Congress CommitteeYESYES
Award CommitteeYESNO
Election CommitteeYESYES
Web Education CommitteeYESYES
Corporate Activities CommitteeYESYES
Anitschkow JuryNONO
Others closely associated with EAS
Consensus Panel Co-ChairYESYES
FHSC leadershipYESYES
Special AdvisorYESYES
EC member spouse/partnerYESYES
Journal Editor in Chief and co-editorsYESNO
Congress ChairYESYES