Lp(a) webinar series

1: Lp(a): what is it, and its role in atherosclerosis?

Lecture by Lale Tokgözoglu

2: Why and how to measure Lp(a)

Lecture by Florian Kronenberg

3: Recommendations for Lp(a) screening

Lecture by Erik Stroes

4: Therapeutic approaches – where we stand today and a look to the future

Lecture by Alberico L. Catapano

5: Round table with the experts – How to use Lp(a) in practice, from the point of view of the cardiologist, the lipidologist, the diabetologist and the patient

With Alberico L. Catapano, Lale Tokgözoglu, Kausik Ray, Magdalena Daccord

The European Atherosclerosis Society has independently created and organised all scientific and practical aspects of this activity. Novartis has provided a financial healthcare sponsorship to support the organisation of the work.