Candidates for Treasurer-Elect

The Election Committee (ELCOM) has carefully selected the following candidate from the nominations, using criteria based on qualifications, experience, and dedication to our Society. We firmly believe that they possess the necessary skills and expertise to guide EAS towards continued success.
The incoming candidate will be working alongside the current Treasurer, Prof Mariann Benn, during 2025, and will then take over as Treasurer from 2026 to 2029.
We are pleased to announce the following candidate:

Professor Shoaib Afzal

Chief Physician and Clinical Professor at Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Copenhagen University Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Copenhagen


Prof. Shoaib Afzal is an active researcher and medical doctor with a profound dedication to advancing knowledge in the fields of clinical epidemiology and lipidology in cardiovascular disease.

Prof. Afzal obtained his medical degree from the University of Copenhagen in January 2005, followed by a Ph.D. in 2011 and a Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc) degree in 2019 from the Faculty of Health and Medical Science at the same university. He became a Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry certified by the Danish Patient Safety Authority in 2016. Currently serving as Chief Physician in Clinical Biochemistry at Copenhagen University Hospital – Herlev and Gentofte, Denmark, since 2017. In 2024, Prof. Afzal attained the position of Clinical Professor at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty Of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Prof. Afzal has made significant contributions to scientific research with over 145 original articles as well as reviews, editorials, and book chapters, showcasing his extensive expertise. He has an H-index of 41 in Web of Science underscoring his influence and impact in the academic community.

Prof. Afzal exhibits exceptional leadership and project management skills, overseeing various research projects and supervising Ph.D. students, post-docs, and medical students. Additionally, he is a member of on the steering committee of the Copenhagen General Population Study, where he plays a pivotal role in organizing data for future projects and helps to shape research direction of the study.

With a specialization in Clinical Biochemistry, Prof. Afzal provides clinical supervision and leadership as head of specialized analyses in his department, ensuring the highest standards of patient care and research integrity.

Vision Statement

I envision a future where the EAS mission of scientific leadership flourishes through dedicated collaboration and strategic planning. Guided by the EAS’ commitment to excellence and integrity, and in collaboration with other members of the Executive Committee, I will strive to uphold the principles of transparent communication and decision-making that have been fostered in EAS over many years.

Drawing inspiration from fellow Executive Committee members, I will meticulously plan the annual budget to ensure financial health and rational resource allocation within the EAS. Additionally, I will oversee and present transparent financial reports at the Society’s General Assembly.

With dedication and enthusiasm, I commit to advancing the EAS mission of impactful engagement with clinicians, other healthcare workers, scientists, and society at large. I will contribute to this by ensuring robust finances and engaging in planned activities with other members of the Executive Committee.

Specifically, intelligent use of our resources to nurture new talent, develop programs for life-long education, and fostering excellence in research are close to my heart. If elected, I would consider it an honor to contribute to EAS’ mission of combating atherosclerosis through excellence in scientific leadership, research, education, collaboration, and outreach.

Current positions

(Information on all positions, both within companies and other Societies)


  • None

Other Societies

  • Regional scientific ethics committee (Region Hovedstaden, jan-jun 2020)
  • 2023- Member of the IKM council at Institute of Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen University
  • Copenhagen comorbidity in HIV infection (COCOMO) study: Member of steering committee. Work entails setting direction and organizing data for future projects. Cohort size: ~1000 HIV patients
  • Copenhagen General Population Study: Member of steering committee. Work entails setting direction and organizing data for future projects. Cohort size (ongoing): >140 000

Maintaining Integrity in EAS Scientific and Clinical Activities

EAS manages conflicts of interest to maintain integrity in scientific and clinical activities organized by its members. This includes guidelines, consensus papers, journals, congresses, and educational content. Please see the complete disclosure of potential conflicts of interest below.

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