Ballot to select Election Committee members 2023-2025

Process: how the ballot will work

EAS members are invited to select the members of the Election Committee 2023-2025 by means of an online ballot.
The Election Committee will subsequently go on to take part in the processes for election of Society Officers and members of the Executive Committee, according to the EAS bylaws.

The appointed Election Committee Chair is Professor Arnold von Eckardstein Institute of Clinical Chemistry, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland. Prof von Eckardstein has selected 10 long-serving senior EAS members, all with excellent scientific track record, who have agreed to stand as candidates to become members of the Election Committee 2023-2025.

The EAS membership have selected their preferred candidates in a ballot. Results will be announced shortly.
The four candidates with the highest number of votes will join Prof von Eckardstein on the Election Committee. To be eligible to vote you need to be an Individual member of the Society, and your membership dues need to be up to date.
Please note that members of the Election Committee cannot be later proposed as candidate to the election for the Executive Committee.


The ballot to select members of the Election Committee has closed.  


Listed in alphabetical order, the Candidates standing to become members of the Election Committee are as follows:

Professor Giulia Chiesa
Milan, Italy

 Professor Ruth Frikke-Schmidt
Copenhagen, Denmark

Professor Florian Kronenberg
Innsbruck, Austria

 Professor Ulf Landmesser
Berlin, Germany

 Professor Ziad Mallat
Cambridge, UK

Professor Maya Simionescu
Bucharest, Romania

 Professor Bart Staels
Lille, France

 Professor Miranda van Eck
Leiden, the Netherlands

 Professor Michal Vrablik
Prague, Czech Republic

 Professor Katariina Öörni
Helsinki, Finland