Payment details

Thank you for submitting your bank details for transfer of grant/award.

The bank transfer will be done as soon as possible after the Congress, provided you have submitted correct details. Should we receive faulty bank information, the transfer might be delayed and bank charges may occur (see below*).

Information required for bank transfers

EAS needs to be able to give the bank full and correct information so that the payment can reach you. The Bank requires that we send them the following information:

  • For all payments

The bank’s name, the recipient’s name, address and country (note that in some countries, P.O. Box addresses are not permitted so the complete street address must be stated). It is also important that the recipient’s name is correctly spelled; otherwise, there is a risk that the payment will be returned.

  • For payments within Europe

The recipient’s bank account number in IBAN format and BIC/SWIFT code.

  • For payments outside Europe

The recipient’s bank account number and the recipient’s bank, must be stated as a BIC or national bank ID, such as fedwire for payments to the US, or a transit number to Canada.

NOTE: If your bank does not use IBAN format, please enter your regular bank account number.

*It is your responsibility as a grant/Fellowship recipient to provide EAS with complete and correct information, so that we can transfer your grant to your bank account. If you are unsure, please double check with your bank before submitting the information in the form below. Should the bank refuse the bank transfer due to your incomplete/incorrect account details, the charges made by the bank will be deducted from your total grant/fellowship amount (approx. 65€).

First name *
Last name *
E-mail address *
Bank name *
Account holder’s name *
Account holder’s address – street name and number *
Account holder’s zip code *
Account holder’s city *
Account holder’s country *
Account IBAN number
Account BIC/SWIFT code
National bank ID