EAS Consensus Coordinators

EAS Consensus Coordinators – Terms of reference

EAS Consensus Coordinators are appointed by the EAS Executive Committee to have oversight, and to be responsible for the management of the Society’s Consensus Position Paper programme.

The programme will include at any one time multiple consensus papers in various stages of production, from initiation & selection of topic to publication.

EAS Consensus Coordinators responsibilities

  • Create proposals for the topics of future Consensus papers – identify when new research or trial data will be published that would make relevant a new Consensus, or an update to an existing paper. Proposals for 2-4 years, publication of 1-2 papers per year. Proposals for approval to the Executive Committee.
  • Help to secure financial support to planned publications – EAS Consensus Coordinators provide scientific input to defining the project scope, aims, objectives, audience and so on – this information to be used in applications to pharma industry for grants in support of the work. Also suggest which companies are appropriate for different topics.
  • Panel appointments (proposals to the Executive Committee)
    • Propose for each paper, from among the Coordinator group, one of their number to act as Primary Coordinator for that paper. Primary Coordinator can be seen as an internally appointed chair.
    • Propose for each paper, a topic expert to act as an External Panel Chair
    • Propose 15-20 further topic experts as panel members
    • The other Coordinators join the panel as an audit function
  • Oversight of the work of the Panel. With support from a project manager from the Society’s administrative office, the Primary Coordinator drives the project.  They are responsible for establishing within the whole panel the working processes for the panel (referring to the Society’s SOPs). With the external chair and other panel members they agree planning milestones and timelines for the work of the panel, and then, together with the project manager, they are responsible the work on track.

Current Coordinators

Four members of the Executive Committee were appointed as Consensus Coordinators in 2023 by decision of the Executive Committee. They are engaged for the period 2024-2026 (inclusive).

Contact at the EAS Office

Carmel Hayes
Society Development &
Corporate Relations Manager

Tania Börjesson
Governance Manager