EAS’s present and planned future collaborations with National Societies

The EAS aims to provide a framework for scientific and clinical discussion of new developments in basic research, diagnosis, and therapy of atherosclerosis. A key point of strategic relevance is the interaction with National Scientific Societies by sharing mutual interests and common goals.

EAS is committed to develop and nurture the collaboration by implementing the following points:

  • Dedicate a section in the National Society Newsletter where Presidents of National Societies can describe their activities, highlighting areas of potential collaboration.
  • Post a short video where each National Society President describe their society’s activities and the areas of planned scientific and clinical collaboration with EAS.
  • Maintain the EAS Annual Society President Meeting focusing on implementation of the existing and potential new areas of collaboration between National Societies and EAS.
  • Annual meeting between the Presidents and the EAS EC National Society Coordinator to foster synergy and optimise National Society collaborations with EAS.
  • Plan joint sessions at National Scientific Societies Meetings and supporting scientific courses both basic science and focused on clinical diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidaemias and CVD prevention including guideline implementation.
  • Joint scientific sessions, and co-chaired events at the annual EAS Congress.
  • Consider EAS invited papers, covering areas of selected expertise within each National Society, to be published in one of the EAS supported journals.
  • Finally, maintain the possibility for each Society member to access the EAS educational activities and scientific tools (i.e., Guidelines and Consensus publications, EAS Webinars, EAS Academy activities, Fellowships etc.)

EAS strongly believes that working together with National Atherosclerosis Societies, contributing with their specialised expertise to the collaboration, will help to achieve more together than either can do alone.