EAS Corporate Relations Committee

Appointment and responsibilities of the EAS Corporate Relations Committee

The EAS Corporate Relations Committee is appointed by the EAS Executive Committee to provide oversight and manage the Society’s corporate relations.
The current chair is appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of four years, from 2024 to 2027.


  • Relationship management
    The primary responsibility of the Corporate Relations Committee is to foster and maintain positive relationships with corporate partners of the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS). This includes pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, and other relevant entities within the healthcare industry.
  • Partnership development
    The committee identifies potential corporate partners aligned with the goals and values of the EAS. It explores opportunities for collaboration, sponsorship, and support for EAS initiatives, events, and programs. This involves drafting partnership agreements, defining terms of collaboration, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines.
  • Evaluation and reporting
    Regular assessment of partnership activities and outcomes is conducted to measure effectiveness and ensure alignment with EAS objectives. The committee prepares reports and recommendations for the EAS Executive Committee and corporate partners based on these evaluations.
  • Compliance and ethics
    Ensuring that all corporate partnerships adhere to ethical standards, transparency requirements, and relevant industry regulations is paramount. The committee monitors compliance and addresses any issues that may arise in collaboration with the EAS Compliance and Ethics Oversight Committee.

Contact at the EAS Office

Carmel Hayes
Society Development &
Corporate Relations Manager