Elections to EAS Executive Committee

The EAS Executive Committee is the elected governing body responsible for the running of the Society. Its members determine the scientific direction of the Society, and are responsible for strategic planning of EAS activities and the Society’s financial management.
In 2024 we are looking for new active and engaged members to join this Committee and EAS members have put forward their proposals to fill the vacant positions as detailed below.

Vacant positions

From January 16, until February 29, 2024, all EAS full members were invited to nominate their candidates for the following positions on the Executive Committee that will become vacant January 2025:

  • Vice President (2025-2028)
    The tenure of the current Vice President, Christoph Binder, will conclude in 2024. The newly elected Vice President will assume office on January 1, 2025, serving a four-year term.
  • Secretary (2025-2028)
    In 2024, the current Secretary, Maciej Banach, will conclude his term, creating a vacant position on the board starting from January 1, 2025. The term of office is four years.
  • Treasurer-Elect (2025, 2026-2029)
    The Treasurer is elected one year before he/she takes office. During this year he/she serves as Treasurer-Elect and will be a supernumerary member of the Executive Committee if not already a member. The period of office for Treasurer is four years. The current Treasurer Marianne Benn will complete her term in 2026.
  • Three positions as Executive Committee member (2025-2028)
    Executive Committee Member (Outgoing members; Jeanine Roeters van Lennep, Stefano Romeo, Alberto Zambon), beginning a four-year term as a member of the Executive Committee, starting January 01, 2025.

Ideal candidate profiles

We are looking for enthusiastic and engaged members of EAS who would like to become more closely involved in the organisation of the Society’s activities. If you know someone active in the atherosclerosis field, with an excellent scientific record, good organisational and communication skills, and energy and enthusiasm to devote to EAS initiatives, please consider nominating them. The ideal candidate profiles will be made available before the call for nominations opens.

Please note, the candidates should not have any conflict of interest with other international societies, leadership positions or positions as paid employees within the industry with a conflicting interest with the EAS.

Please also note that, according to EAS statutes:

  • All candidates for positions on the Executive Committee need to be EAS members.
  • Proposed candidates must be eligible according to the EAS Statutes, the current members of the Committee are not eligible for immediate re-election to the same position.
  • Candidates for the position of Vice President must be currently serving or have served on the EAS Executive Committee.

Election calendar

The timetable and procedures for 2024 elections to the Society’s governing body, the Executive Committee.

January 16 – February 29Nominations welcome from EAS members for candidates for the vacant position in the Executive Committee
MarchElection Committee review the nominations and make a shortlist of candidates
MayAnnouncement of the shortlisted candidates with biographies on the EAS website
June 01 – June 30ELECTIONS – EAS individual (full) members vote (online ballot, via Society website)
JulyThe result of the vote is verified by two independent reviewers, approved by the Executive Committee and announced to the Society membership


The names of the candidates replacing the retiring officers or ordinary members of the Executive Committee may be proposed by an individual member who has obtained the written consent of the nominee. The nomination should be completed by February 29, 2024.

The nominations will be reviewed by the EAS Election Committee (ELCOM), who will select from them up to five candidates to stand for election for each position, based on

a) qualifications and suitability for the position (compared with the profile for the ideal candidate)
b) geographical spread of candidates and existing Executive Committee members
c) gender balance


The candidates that will stand in the election will be announced in May 2024.
Voting will be held via a website-based ballot, June 01 – 30.

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