The cardiovascular patient community unites to create the first global manifesto calling for early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

This manifesto has been developed in response to the concerns of those with lived experience of missed or delayed diagnosis.

March 20, 2024

Global Heart Hub has united the cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient community with global thought leaders to create the first global manifesto calling for early detection and diagnosis of CVD: “Achieving early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease: A manifesto for change.” The first-of-its-kind manifesto was developed via a multi-stakeholder approach, bringing together 125 patient advocates including 40 CVD patient organisations, key opinion leaders and multidisciplinary experts from leading organisations including World Heart Federation and the European Society of Cardiology.

Urgent action to improve the early detection and diagnosis of CVD is essential. Globally, CVD places considerable pressure on health systems, and this burden is predicted to continue to increase as populations age1, affecting not only population health but also workforce productivity and the economic sustainability of health systems and wider society. Delayed or missed detection and diagnosis of CVD significantly increases mortality and healthcare costs. 2,3 Global Heart Hub’s landmark manifesto focusses on eight practical evidence-based actions which are critical for the implementation of early detection and diagnosis of CVD.

“For too long, patients and their families have faced the substantial impact of missed and late detection and diagnosis of CVD, which delays treatment initiation and has a profound impact on the quality of life of people living with these conditions and their caregivers. Direct patient involvement has been central to the development of this document from concept to development. We hope this manifesto will help guide and support advocacy efforts in impressing on policymakers the urgent need for action and investment in achieving early detection and diagnosis of CVD for all,” says Neil Johnson, Executive Director, Global Heart Hub.

The CVD patient community unites for change

“The Manifesto is something that we really feel can make a difference. We are working together on a united front to reduce the burden of disease and promote cardiovascular health. It’s so important that patient organisations are involved – together, the community can work towards better cardiovascular health.” – Prof Fausto Pinto, Immediate Past President, World Heart Federation; Professor of Cardiology, University of Lisbon; Head of Cardiology Department & Heart and Vascular Department, Santa Maria University Hospital, Lisbon.

1Roth G, Mensah G, Johnson C, et al. 2020. Global Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors, 1990-2019: Update From the GBD 2019 Study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 76(25): 2982-3021

2Quinn G, Ranum D, Song E, et al. 2017. Missed Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease in Outpatient General Medicine: Insights from Malpractice Claims Data. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety 43(10): 508-16

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Global Heart Hub’s new manifesto is a much-needed call to action, to focus attention on the importance of early detection and diagnosis of CVD and to provide clear, tangible actions required to address this situation.

“We really need this Manifesto to help guide us as patient organisations to not only map out the work that we do, but also to influence policy makers to put more funding and more focus on cardiovascular care, both in terms of early diagnosis and through to the full treatment pathway. It’s incredible exciting and I’m pleased to be a part of this initiative,” said Tanya Hall, Patient and CEO, Hearts4heart.

Tackling CVD requires a cohesive, global approach. It requires the concerted efforts of governments, healthcare providers and professionals, patient groups and industry representatives. To make early detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease universally accessible, we are calling on policymakers to lead on these efforts, driving change that integrates best practices into national healthcare strategies.

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Global Heart Hub, the international alliance of heart patient organisations, convened a group of 125 CVD patient advocates and other key stakeholder experts at the Unite Annual Summit in November 2023 to develop this landmark manifesto.

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