EAS Newsletter May 7, 2024


Last reminder! Don’t miss the first-ever EAS-LatAm webinar tomorrow. This is your last call to join us!

The EAS-LatAm webinar series is starting tomorrow. Don’t forget to join us and take occasion to benefit from the knowledge of our distinguished experts. Register now to learn more about the heart of the problem, which is the global epidemic of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

The webinar will be held in English with Spanish subtitles.

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Competitive grants for EAS members 2024: the call for applications is already open

EAS encourages talented young scientists in their careers in the atherosclerosis field, to ensure it thrives for years to come. Over recent years EAS has dedicated funds to support research projects of early career members, selected on a competitive basis.

We are pleased to announce that the new call is already open. Applications describing your proposed research project are welcome until September 13, 2024.

Make sure to read carefully the eligibility criteria, funding terms and conditions below before you apply.

Apply for Competitive grants for EAS members 2024


Take our unique Certificate in Lipidology for Nurses and HCPs and stay in the forefront of our community

Catch up on your colleagues by enrolling in our exclusive Certificate in Lipidology for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, just like they have!

Spread the word among your clinic team about this opportunity to enhance their skills. Motivate them to delve deeper into learning and enrich their knowledge.

Plus, as an EAS member, you can enjoy a 50% discount from the regular price.

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Be spontaneous and make your last-minute plans for the EAS Congress 2024

Be spontaneous and make your last-minute plans for the EAS Congress 2024. We’re sure you won’t regret it. It’s never too late to make a meaningful impact on your career. Lyon and France await you!

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Travel back to 1964: discover our story and legacy!

Step back to 1964 and explore the very beginnings of our journey. Dive into the insightful writings of Prof. G. Schettler, President of the Academy of Sciences, as he commemorated 25 years of the European Atherosclerosis Society.

Learn about the pivotal moments, the challenges overcome, and the remarkable growth that has defined our legacy. Join us in revisiting our roots and embracing the rich history that continues to inspire us today.

Back in February of 1964, Dr Jacques Cottet invited a group of scientists to Paris to initiate the foundation of an International Society of Atherosclerosis Research.

Participants of this initial meeting were A. N. Howard, Austin Gresham, and George Boyd from Great Britain, H. Vastesaeger from Belgium, and S. Garattini from Italy. This “European Atherosclerosis Group”, whose purpose was to promote international communication and collaboration, formulated by the following goals:

  1. To hold the colloquia and symposia dealing with research in the field of atherosclerosis and related sciences.
  2. To encourage meetings and exchanges between scientists engaged in the investigation of atherosclerosis.
  3. To encourage collaborative work between national and international centers engaged in atherosclerosis research.
  4. To encourage publications concerning atherosclerosis research.
  5. To promote research fellowships, particularly for younger research workers, for studies within the field of atherosclerosis and related sciences.
  6. To accept dues, endowments, grants, funds, and bequests to be used for the above stated purposes.

The first meeting was held in September 1964 under the chairmanship of Dr Garanttini in Milano. It was followed in May 1965 by an international symposium on “Pathophysiological and clinicial aspects of lipid metabolism” in Heidelberg which included Donald Fredrickson, Pete Ahrens, Larry Kinsell, Ed Gordon, Bob Furman, and Nepomuk Zöllner as participants. As a consequence of this meeting American scientists were included in our work and have actively participated ever since. Moreover, almost all western European countries have also participated in these meetings. The chairmen were not only responsible for the scientific program, but also took charge of an attractive social program specific for the particular region.

The group was completed by scientists from the Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, East-Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Israel.

Step by step the group became bigger, but the selection criteria of the admissions committee were so strict, that the group remained quite exclusive during the first ten years, followed by Lars Carlson, Jean-Louis Beaumont, and Rodolfo Paoletti. Anders Olsson has taken over the group, which is now known as the “European Atherosclerosis Society”.

It beautifully reflects the consistency and enduring goals of our society, which remain relevant even today, after 60 years. This lasting dedication speaks volumes about our unwavering vision and commitment. Looking back on six decades, we’re reminded of our steadfast mission and timeless values. It’s a testament to our resilience and ongoing relevance in an ever-changing world.


EAS Calendar – May-June 2024

From insightful webinars to groundbreaking announcements, this section is your gateway to staying connected and up-to-date with the latest developments within the EAS Society.

  • May 8, LatAm-EAS: Global Epidemic of Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease: The heart of the problem
  • May 26-29, EAS Congress 2024, Lyon, France
  • June 1-30, EAS Executive Committee Elections
  • June 26, LatAm-EAS: Challenges in achieving control of lipid disorders in LatAm