EAS Newsletter May 21, 2024


Ready for the EAS Congress 2024? It starts on Sunday!

It’s never too late to do something positive for yourself. Make your last-minute plans to join us at the EAS Congress 2024 in Lyon at the end of this week.

You’ll gain new friends, fresh ideas, and the inspiration to elevate your studies of atherosclerosis and related vascular diseases to new heights!

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Discover lipid disorder management challenges in LatAm and compare with your region

The second event of the EAS-LatAm webinar series is approaching! Join us to expand your knowledge and make a real impact on cardiovascular health! Engage with leading experts, gain valuable insights, and discover innovative strategies to overcome challenges in lipid management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding and contribute to better health outcomes in LatAm and beyond.

In this webinar, we will delve into dyslipidemia as a cardiovascular risk in LatAm. We will discuss LDL cholesterol goals recommended by recent guidelines, focusing on the barriers hindering the achievement of these goals.

Moreover, we will emphasize the necessity of identifying the main barriers to getting patients to their goals and controlling cardiovascular risk factors to prevent major cardiovascular events.

Additionally, the webinar will explore potential solutions to overcome these challenges.

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Advance your career with the Certificate in Lipidology for Nurses and HCPs

Are you a nurse or healthcare professional in lipid clinics, eager to tackle challenges related to atherosclerotic vascular disease in your daily work? Or perhaps you’re interested in gaining their perspective on the topic?
Enroll in our new Lipidology Certificate for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals! As an EAS member, enjoy a 50% discount from the regular price.
Let your clinic team know about this chance to enhance their skills. Encourage them to learn more and boost their knowledge.

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EAS is here to support your research. Apply for our competitive grants in 2024

EAS encourages talented young scientists in their careers in the field of atherosclerosis to ensure its thriving future. In recent years, EAS has allocated funds to support research projects of early-career members, selected on a competitive basis.

Please note that the call for applications, describing your proposed research project, remains open until September 13, 2024. Before applying, carefully review the eligibility criteria, funding terms, and conditions provided below.

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A global recognition: discover our story and legacy!

The commencement of our digital educational platform, the EAS Academy, in 2012, served as the primary catalyst for our subsequent accomplishments.

Learn about the pivotal moments, the challenges overcome, and the remarkable growth that has defined our legacy. Join us in revisiting our roots and embracing the rich history that continues to inspire us today.

In 2014, we introduced the first Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology, a CME-accredited program highly valued by clinicians, alongside providing regular updates to our members. The year 2015 marked the initiation of our extensive global collaborations and outreach efforts. During this time, we established a worldwide network of FH investigators dedicated to understanding the burden of both homozygous and heterozygous FH.

In 2017, we furthered our collaborative efforts by partnering with the first national atherosclerosis societies and related organizations, engaging in educational and communicative endeavors within the atherosclerosis domain.

By 2021, the establishment of the Lipid Clinic Network (LCN) introduced a structured approach to uphold uniform standards in diagnosing, managing, and treating patients with lipid disorders, aligned with ESC/EAS Guidelines on dyslipidemia management.

In 2024, we expanded our outreach to new communities by launching the Certificate in Lipidology for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals. Additionally, the formation of the EAS LatAm Chapter and the initiation of the LIPRA Registry project demonstrate our commitment to reaching diverse regions and advancing lipid research and care.

It beautifully reflects the consistency and enduring goals of our society, which remain relevant even today, after 60 years. This lasting dedication speaks volumes about our unwavering vision and commitment. Looking back on six decades, we’re reminded of our steadfast mission and timeless values. It’s a testament to our resilience and ongoing relevance in an ever-changing world.


EAS Calendar – May-June 2024

From insightful webinars to groundbreaking announcements, this section is your gateway to staying connected and up-to-date with the latest developments within the EAS Society.

  • May 26-29, EAS Congress 2024, Lyon, France
  • June 1-30, EAS Executive Committee Elections
  • June 26, LatAm-EAS: Challenges in achieving control of lipid disorders in LatAm