EAS Newsletter May 14, 2024


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Thank you for being with us! Together we made the LatAm webinar historical!

The first EAS-LatAm webinar has concluded. We extend our gratitude to our chairs, speakers, and of course, to you, our lovely and engaged participants. We are delighted that you joined us for the launch of this series.

If you missed the webinar and regret doing so, don’t worry. You will be able to catch up easily by watching it on-demand at the EAS Academy soon.

Also, don’t forget to register for our upcoming webinars. We’re speeding up now!

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Competitive grants for EAS members 2024: it’s your chance

EAS encourages talented young scientists in their careers in the atherosclerosis field, to ensure it thrives for years to come. Over recent years EAS has dedicated funds to support research projects of early career members, selected on a competitive basis.

We look forward to receiving your applications describing your proposed research project until September 13, 2024. Please read carefully the eligibility criteria, funding terms and conditions below before you apply.

Apply for Competitive grants for EAS members 2024


The most comprehensive lecture about Lp(a) you’ve ever seen, given by Prof. Florian Kronenberg

This is a lecture given by Professor Florian Kronenberg at the 91st EAS Congress 2023 in Mannheim Germany, May 21-24, 2023.

In his excellent and up-to-date overview, Professor Kronenberg presented data on the association of lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) with various cardiovascular disease (CVD) endpoints, including coronary artery disease, aortic valve stenosis, heart failure, ischemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease as well as total and cardiovascular mortality.

He also presented data on the association of oxidized phospholipids with Lp(a), on the apolipoprotein (a) structural characteristics and isoforms as well as on the variability of Lp(a) within isoform groups. He next discussed the possible causal role of Lp(a) in CVD and the association of life-long genetic exposure to high Lp(a) levels with increased CVD risk.

He continued his lecture presenting the consensus panel recommendation for managing high Lp(a) concentrations and discussed the emerging specific Lp(a)-lowering therapies targeting Lp(a) production. He also explained why the Lp(a) concentration in plasma should be measured, even if its levels could not be significantly reduced with existing hypolipidemic therapies.

It is a very important and comprehensive lecture you should not miss.

To the Open Lecture by Prof Florian Kronenberg


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It’s never too late to make something positive for yourself. Make your last-minute plans for the EAS Congress 2024, and join us in Lyon.

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From 1993 onward: discover our story and legacy!

In 1993, the decision to open up a previously exclusive club to welcome more young scientists and broaden the scope of atherosclerosis risk factor research proved to be a significant milestone. Explore the unfolding events that followed.

Learn about the pivotal moments, the challenges overcome, and the remarkable growth that has defined our legacy. Join us in revisiting our roots and embracing the rich history that continues to inspire us today.

In 1999, Atherosclerosis Journal became our official journal, marking a pivotal moment. Three years later, we elevated our professionalism by opening our first office in Malmö, Sweden. Then, in 2007, we proudly published the inaugural Joint European Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in collaboration with sister societies. But our journey didn’t pause there. In 2010, we pioneered the EAS Consensus Panel initiative, issuing our first Position Paper. Just two years later, we embraced the digital age, unveiling our cutting-edge educational platform, offering invaluable online resources to our members and Congress delegates. This is just a glimpse of the remarkable strides we’ve made. And the story continues, with even greater chapters awaiting to be written.

It beautifully reflects the consistency and enduring goals of our society, which remain relevant even today, after 60 years. This lasting dedication speaks volumes about our unwavering vision and commitment. Looking back on six decades, we’re reminded of our steadfast mission and timeless values. It’s a testament to our resilience and ongoing relevance in an ever-changing world.


EAS Calendar – May-June 2024

From insightful webinars to groundbreaking announcements, this section is your gateway to staying connected and up-to-date with the latest developments within the EAS Society.

  • May 26-29, EAS Congress 2024, Lyon, France
  • June 1-30, EAS Executive Committee Elections
  • June 26, LatAm-EAS: Challenges in achieving control of lipid disorders in LatAm