Lp(a) consensus local webinar – Turkey

Session chair: Prof Dr Lale Tokgözoğlu
Language: Turkish
Date: February 2023

Lp(a) consensus local webinar - Turkey

IntroductionProf Dr Lale Tokgözoğlu
1. What is Lp(a), what determines it?Prof Dr Meral Kayikcioglu
2. Lp(a), cardiovascular diseases and aortic stenosis : pathophysiology and clinical evidence.Prof Dr Baris Gungor
3. How should Lp(a) used in the estimation of cardiovascular risk? Can it be used in clinical decision making?Assoc Dr Ozcan Basaran
4. Controversial issues associated with Lp(a); measurement method, effect of statins, relationship with diabetes and venous thrombosisAssoc Dr Bugra Ozkan
5. How should we treat elevated Lp(a) levels? Old and new therapies?Prof Dr Oner Ozdogan

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