Enhancing credibility: introducing the new membership process

Dear EAS members,

In response to the fast-paced environment that characterizes our world, we are introducing modifications to our membership application processeffective from January 1, 2024. This adjustment is aimed at ensuring the integrity of the EAS community by aligning with the highest standards of scientific credibility.

To achieve this, all applicants, both new and existing individual members, will be required to submit two documents verifying their eligibility based on the criteria outlined in our bylaws.

We strive to keep the procedure as efficient and straightforward as possible.

The details of the new application process will be outlined on our website, social media platforms, and newsletters in the upcoming days.

We kindly request both new and existing individual members to submit two of the following documents:

· CV

· Scientific article authored by the applicant

· Letter showing applicant’s status of employment or study

· Letter of recommendation from an existing EAS individual member

· Congress abstract or similar presented by the applicant

Additionally, as we expand our portfolio of benefits and educational activities, we recognize the need to adjust our membership fees to sustain the quality of services provided.

The current fees, established in 2009, will be increased:

– from €40 to €60 for individuals over 35 years old

– from €20 to €30 for individuals aged 35 and younger

EAS has designed membership packages that not only provide excellent value but also frequently offer individual benefits that are more costly when acquired independently We believe these fees are reasonable considering the extensive range of activities we offer and plan to provide in the future.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we navigate these changes together. We are confident that everyone will benefit from these changes.

Thank you for being an integral part of the European Atherosclerosis Society.