EAS Newsletter October 17, 2023

EAS Governance:

Submit your abstract for the EAS Congress 2024 and take the opportunity to apply for Young Investigator Fellowships and Travel Grants

A lot of individuals are enthusiastic about this chance because they’re eager to exchange their fresh research and ideas with scientists from all around the globe. It’s a moment to participate in a unique 92nd EAS Congress.

Additionally, please be sure to explore the opportunities regarding Young Investigator Fellowships and EAS Travel Grants. More details are available below.

The deadline for submitting is December 5, 2023.

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Grants and fellowships related to the EAS Congress

EAS Education:

FH Webinar series: Let’s manage FH together is now available on-demand on EAS Academy

FH Week 2023 held September 25th to 29th, featured the engaging FH webinar series as a key element of its program.

This pioneering FH webinar series, a fruitful collaboration between FH Europe, a European patient network, and the European Atherosclerosis Society, consisting of a global community of researchers and healthcare professionals, was a great success.

As promised, the FH Webinar series, “Let’s manage FH together” is now accessible on-demand through EAS Academy. Explore this valuable resource at your convenience!

Genetics in HeFH and HoFH: the latest insights

Screening: experience from cascade screening, universal screening and latest insights on screening on the EU level

Importance of Measuring Lp(a) in patients with HeFH & HoFH

Access to Treatment for HeFH and HoFH

Challenges for Children with FH

EAS Congress:

Access all the recordings from the EAS Congress 2023 on-demand now

The user-friendly EAS Academy platform still allows you to view the EAS Congress 2023 sessions, a comprehensive collection.

As a full individual member of EAS, you have access to the entire EAS Academy archive, which will help you stay ahead in your field. Make the most of this valuable resource!

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EAS Education:

Register for our webinar: Inflammation in a Translational Perspective, November 15

Cardiovascular diseases, including atherosclerosis, remain a significant global health concern. Researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide strive to uncover the complexities of this condition and develop effective preventive and treatment strategies.

To shed light on recent advancements in atherosclerosis research, a webinar is being organized with distinguished experts in the field.

The webinar will begin with an introduction by chairs Prof. Marianne Benn and Dr. Frida Emanuelsson, setting the stage for an exploration of IgM antibodies in atherosclerosis.

Prof. Christoph J. Binder will delve into the intriguing role of IgM antibodies in atherosclerosis.

The second part of the webinar will focus on the crucial role of inflammation in atherosclerotic events. Dr Peter Libby will discuss the intricate relationship between inflammation and cardiovascular disease, shedding light on the mechanisms underlying this life-threatening condition.

Following the presentations, the webinar opens the floor to the audience for a stimulating Q&A session. Attendees will be encouraged to submit their questions via the chat function, facilitating an interactive exchange of ideas and insights.

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EAS Society:

Congratulations to EAS President-Elect Prof. Borge Nordestgaard for being honored by the Family Heart Foundation

The previous week, Prof. Borge Nordestgaard, the incoming President-Elect of EAS, and Prof. Anne Tybjærg-Hansen from Denmark were honored with the Pioneer Award from the Family Heart Foundation in recognition of their years of dedicated research on Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) and Lipoprotein(a) Lp(a).

On this special occasion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to them for this significant milestone in their careers.