EAS Newsletter November 21, 2023

EAS Society:

No impact on you – just a few clicks, but a significant step for our Society: introducing the new membership process

Last week, we announced the new application process. The process will maintain its structure and efficiency as before, and we strive to keep the procedure as straightforward as possible. It will involve simply uploading 2 documents, a minor step that allow us to make our community even stronger.

Being part of our community, you contribute to the development of new activities and shape our future. Your membership enables us to provide you with more activities – it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our redesigned membership packages not only give value for the your money but also offer individual benefits that tend to be more expensive when purchased separately outside of the membership.

Take a moment to observe the positive transformation evident in our portfolio over the years. It’s a testament to our growth, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

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EAS Education:

Missed our live webinar? Dive into “Inflammation in a Translational Perspective” anytime on EAS Academy

Our highly attended webinar, “Inflammation in a Translational Perspective” is now accessible on demand through EAS Academy. If you missed the live session, there’s no need to worry.

Kindly ensure that you are an EAS member, relax, start the recording, and experience the content at your convenience, just like your peers did.

Additionally, we’d like to remind those who attended the webinar but haven’t filled out the post-survey yet that there’s still an opportunity to do so. It’s a win-win situation — we receive your valuable feedback, and you receive a Certificate of Attendance!

To the webinar on-demand

EAS Congress:

Save the date: join us at the 92nd EAS Congress in Lyon, France – May 26-29, 2024!

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in the 92nd EAS Congress in the beautiful city of Lyon, France! The Congress will take place on May 26-29, 2024.

During the meeting we will explore the latest developments in basic, translational and clinical research into the causes of atherosclerosis and related vascular disease, and how these may affect the clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. One of the key features of our Congress is the high-level interdisciplinary exchange between clinicians and basic researchers. 

Mark your calendars and stay tuned!

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EAS Collaborations:

African Summit at the Cardiorisk2023, EAVA

The Egyptian Association of Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis (EAVA) – the annual lipid day, started in 1998, held in Shebin Elkom, Menofya attended at that time by 80 experts in the fields of Cardiology, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Protection. From 1998 to 2003 the meeting was held annually in the second Thursday of Ramadan for one day activity.

Since 2004 the meeting name had been changed to CardioLipid Congress & continued to cover the different aspects of dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis.

CardioRisk 2015 was the continuation of 18 years activity started with the first lipid day that was organized by the cardiology department, Menoufia University. CardioRisk 2023 will celebrate the silver jubilee of 25 years.

Special pricing is available for EAS members. To benefit from the discounted rate, make sure to use the code: HURGHADA.

Join us for a joint session featuring Prof. Alberto Zambon and Prof. Alexandros Tselepis during the EAS-EAVA session on Friday, November 24 at 17:30 CET.

To the CardioRisk 2023 website

EAS Education:

Secure your Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – 2023 Update!

We appreciate the many participants who have enrolled in this course. Recognizing its value for doctors specializing in internal medicine, heart health, diabetes, hormones, and general medical practice, as well as for nurses in clinics focused on lipids, heart disease prevention, diabetes, and patient management in heart and metabolic issues, we encourage even more of you to join. In essence, we recommend the completion of this course for everyone.

As a special offer for full individual EAS members, an exclusive discount is provided to make your enrollment in this transformative course more accessible.

Find out more about the Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – 2023 Update