EAS Newsletter July 11, 2023

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Recent issue highlights – May & June 2023

In most cases, our newsletter summarizes articles on clinical or epidemiological research published in Atherosclerosis. However, our journal also publishes articles on basic and translational research, which deserve and receive attention. As examples, please find below the summaries of five articles published in two recent issues.

May & June issue vol. 373-374

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Discover the Key to Mastering Dyslipidemia Management: A Comprehensive Online Learning Guide

Attention all general practitioners (GPs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in primary care practices!  

Prepare yourself to enhance your proficiency in managing dyslipidemias and play a pivotal role in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Our online learning tutorial is designed to refresh your knowledge and empower you to make a difference in this important area.  

Discover evidence-based guidelines and practical tips that will equip you to guide your patients in managing their dyslipidemia through dietary and lifestyle modifications.  

Dive into informative chapters that cover CVD risk factors, diet and lifestyle interventions, the impact of dietary fats, dietary fibers, and foods enriched with plant sterols/stanols.  

Access the latest guidelines, explore real-life case studies, and gain valuable insights on motivating patients to adopt positive changes in their diet and lifestyle. Additionally, downloadable materials are available for easy use with your patients.  

To embark on this enlightening journey, simply click the links below and dive into “The Diet at the Heart” article series.  

Gain access to the tutorial now and enhance your expertise in improving cardiovascular health.

Does the festive season lead to a period of hypercholesterolemia in the new year?

Dietary options and lifestyle play a role in cholesterol management

How health care professionals (HCPs) can advise on a heart-heathy diet and help fight the climate crisis

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