EAS Newsletter January 31, 2023

EAS Society & Governance: Young Investigator Award 2022

Last chance to nominate your candidate!

EAS Young Investigator Awards is for outstanding publications, that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis and linked metabolic disturbances. The two recipients will each receive a prize of € 2000 and the award ceremony will take place at the Opening Ceremony of the EAS Congress 2023, Mannheim, Germany.

Last chance to submit your nomination for the EAS Young Investigator Awards!

EAS Congress, May 21-24, Mannheim, Germany:

EAS is proud to announce Keynote speaker,
Professor Christian Weber

Christian Weber is professor in Vascular Medicine and Director of the Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (IPEK-LMU) Munich, Germany and Van de Laar-Professor at the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht, the Netherlands.

At the EAS Congress in Mannheim, he will present his Keynote Lecture – Chemokine signaling in atherosclerosis – from mechanisms to translation.
Improved understanding of the complexity of interactions between the individual chemokines and their receptors is fundamental to realising their therapeutic potential. A plethora of mechanistic studies has investigated various approaches for targeting chemokine signalling, including those involving the use of competitive ligands and microRNAs. 

EAS Society & Governance: EAS Executive Committee elections 2023

Call for nominations!

The EAS Executive Committee is the elected governing body responsible for the running of the Society. Its members determine the scientific direction of the Society, and are responsible for strategic planning of EAS activities and the Society’s financial management. 
In 2023, we are looking for new active and engaged members to join this Committee and invite you to put forward your proposals to fill the vacant positions.

Vacant positions from January 2024

  • President-Elect (2024-2028) 
    During 2024 the President-Elect will work alongside President Kausik Ray, as a supernumerary member of the Executive Committee if not already a member, taking on the Society Presidency on January 01, 2025 for a term of four years.
  • Executive Committee member (2024-2027)
    Executive Committee Member replacing outgoing Officer, Prof Philippe Moulin, France.

Please note you have to be an EAS Individual Member to be able to nominate a candidate for a vacant position at the EAS Executive committee. Read here on how to become an EAS Individual Member >>

EAS Congress:

Register to EAS Congress in Mannheim, Germany

EAS organises a 4-day scientific congress in a different European city each year – scientific meetings that brings together over 2,000 basic and clinical scientists, clinicians, and practitioners with an interest in cardiovascular diseases.

At EAS Congress you’ll meet others who want to share their latest findings in atherosclerosis research and clinical practice, as well as to hear about yours. You’ll come across world-leading experts, up-and-coming students, and everyone in between. EAS Congress brings together delegates with wide-ranging interests, making for lively discussion and innovative approaches, as we tackle mutual challenges each from our own perspective. 

Each Congress features

  • Plenary sessions with lectures given by eminent speakers
  • In-depth Workshops on selected cutting-edge topics
  • Industry-supported symposia
  • Science-at-a-Glance and poster presentations
  • …and much more!

EAS Publication:

Does the festive season lead to a period of hypercholesterolemia in the new year?

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death around the world. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated 17.9 million deaths are due to CVD. Most CVDs are preventable by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. The importance of diet and lifestyle is also emphasised in the EAS/ESC guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias and for CVD prevention in clinical practice.
A Danish study found that celebrating Christmas is associated with higher levels of both total and LDL cholesterol. Additionally, the festive season is also linked to a higher risk of hypercholesterolemia.

EAS Society & Governance

New Year – New look webpages

We have updated our EAS Website and membership to a new more functional and user friendly platform. You will now find it easier to manage your member profile and access the resources that are included in your membership, conveniently all in one place. 

This change means we can also offer new functions – for example, networking for members. This gives EAS members a whole new way to connect securely with each other, to work and collaborate in closed or public groups, and to discuss with others on special interest topics – so many possibilities – you’re welcome to sign in to EAS Community and start connecting today.

How to access your profile

Sign in at eas-society.org with your EAS Username (your e-mail address)

For security reasons, the first time you sign in you are required to request a new password – a reset link will be sent to your email address.
Please contact us at office@eas-society.org if you need assistance.

Once you’ve signed in, please review your profile’s privacy settings, then you are good to go – start exploring the lectures in EAS Academy and connecting with other members today!

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Your responses will help us identify where we are succeeding, and where we can improve. The survey is anonymous and will take ca. 4-5 minutes to answer.

We will use the results to inform the planning of future activities for our members.
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