EAS Newsletter December 12, 2023

EAS Society:

Introducing the new membership process. What changes can candidates expecting to become EAS members anticipate?

From January 2024, EAS will introduce new membership procedure and require persons applying for membership to provide 2 documents that demonstrate that they are eligible to become members according to the criteria given in the bylaws.

Please provide any two of the following documents (must be in English, format PDF or MS Word):

  • Short CV
  • A scientific publication where you are listed as an author 
  • A congress abstract that you have presented, or where you are listed as an author 
  • A letter showing your status of employment or study  
  • A letter of recommendation from an existing EAS member

EAS reserves the right to decline applications from persons who do not meet the membership criteria as given in the bylaws.

Read more about the new membership process

EAS Governance:

EAS Young Investigator Awards: call for nominations starts this Thursday, December 14

With annual Young Investigator Awards for outstanding publications, EAS recognizes distinction that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field of atherosclerosis and linked metabolic disturbances.

Call for nominations will open December 14, 2023 – February 5, 2024.

The recipient will receive a prize of € 2000 and the award ceremony will take place at the Opening Ceremony of the EAS Congress 2024, Lyon, France.

To be eligible to nominate candidates for EAS Awards, you must be an EAS Individual member.

To the nomination procedure

To the EAS membership

EAS Congress:

Secure your EAS individual membership until the end of the year

Secure your EAS individual membership until the end of the year to take advantage of a exclusive early registration rate available until March 14, 2024.

How do you check if your membership is valid?

  • Log in to your EAS account. 
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner. 
  • This will take you to your Account section. 
  • You can review your membership status and related information under EAS Membership section

If you want to renew or upgrade my EAS membership status

  • Log in to your EAS account. 
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner. 
  • This will take you to the Account section. 
  • You can renew or upgrade your membership at your convenience.

Act promptly. It’s worth it!

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To the registration for the EAS Congress 2024

EAS Governance:

Last day for abstract submission for the EAS Congress 2024

The deadline for abstract submissions for the EAS Congress 2024 has been extended until December 12, 2023! Today is the final day. Don’t delay!

If you have groundbreaking research in atherosclerosis that you couldn’t submit earlier, seize this opportunity to be part of the EAS 2024 Congress.

We welcome your contributions to the scientific dialogue at EAS 2024. Submit an abstract in one of our four main topics:

– Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis
– Lipids and Lipoproteins
– Dyslipidemia and Risk Factors
– Clinical Vascular Disease

Explore the detailed list of topics and submit your abstract for an oral or poster presentation today by clicking the links below.

Scientific topics

Grants and fellowships related to the EAS Congress

Submit your abstract

EAS Education:

Mastering lipid knowledge: A vital educational program for healthcare professionals

This program enhances lipid knowledge for healthcare professionals, including physicians in internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology, endocrinology, and general practice. Nurses in lipid clinics, cardiovascular prevention, diabetes, and other related fields, as well as scientists in cardiovascular epidemiology and pharmaceutical industry professionals, will also benefit.

Participants gain insights into:

  • Lipids chemistry and lipoprotein metabolism
  • Lipids as risk factors
  • Mechanisms of lipids in cardiovascular disease
  • Lipid disorders, genetics, and environmental factors
  • Pharmacological interventions against lipid disorders
  • Clinical development of lipids
  • Lipid-lowering treatment in cardiovascular prevention and new therapeutic targets
Find out more about the Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – 2023 Update

EAS Collaborations:

Empowering healthcare professionals: dietary management of dyslipidemias tutorial and latest research insights

Explore an online tutorial designed to update your understanding of the dietary management of dyslipidemias and underscore the significant role diet and lifestyle interventions play in preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Tailored for general practitioners (GPs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) in primary care settings, this tutorial serves as a valuable resource to reinforce existing knowledge.

Additionally, medical students can benefit from this tool as a supplementary learning aid.

Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into the latest articles on this crucial topic!

To Diet at the Heart

5. Medical nutrition therapy is effective in the management of adult dyslipidaemia – the importance of diet and lifestyle support in the prevention of CVD

6. Consuming a healthy diet is associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk in all regions of the world

EAS Outreach:

The EU must vote to create a health plan that tackles the biggest killer

Strasbourg, 8 December 2023 – Members of Parliament (MEPs) at 2023’s ending plenary session, 11-14 December, are being urged to prioritise health and help defeat the continent’s most pervasive health threat: cardiovascular disease (CVD). Leading the call is a grouping of 18 partners making up the European Alliance for Cardiovascular Health (EACH). They emphasise an EU-wide Cardiovascular Health Plan and 27 National Action Plans as the way forward.

CVD cost the EU an estimated €282 billion in 2021, topping the leaderboard as the cause of more than one-third of all deaths and impacting the lives of some 60 million people. Misperceptions plague CVD: it is often still regarded as a “man’s disease” although women are more than twice as likely to die after a heart attack than men. Cardiovascular conditions also affect children and young adults.

In Strasbourg, EACH is unveiling the “Vote Cardiovascular Health 2024” exhibition, hosted by MEP Elżbieta Łukacijewska (Poland) and MEP Radka Maxová (Czech Republic), long-standing supporters of cardiovascular health. The exhibition highlights CVD’s toll on the EU, country by country, while the online media campaign is calling on leaders to #VoteHealth2024.

“This is a decisive moment for our health. The numbers highlight the far-reaching impacts of cardiovascular disease. We need concrete action, and I stand with EACH in calling for an EU Cardiovascular Health Plan to safeguard the well-being of our citizens,” said MEP Elżbieta Łukacijewska.

The current trio Presidency (Spain-Belgium-Hungary) took a historic step by addressing cardiovascular disease for the first time in the EU’s 30-year history. Reducing the burden of CVD in Europe requires ongoing demonstration of leadership and unwavering commitment.

“Cardiovascular health knows no borders. We must seize this opportunity in Strasbourg to prioritise the health of fellow Europeans and work collectively towards a healthier, more resilient continent,” said MEP Radka Maxová.

For media inquiries, please contact:  

Borjana Pervan, Director of Strategy and Communications at World Heart Federation (WHF), a partner of EACH

borjana.pervan@worldheart.org, +41 225120684

EAS Society:

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