EAS Newsletter August 22, 2023

EAS Society:

EAS Presence at the ESC Congress 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the European Atherosclerosis Society (EAS) will be actively participating in the upcoming ESC Congress 2023 held Friday, 25 August – Monday, 28 August 2023 in Amsterdam.

Visit our booth (A820)
While you’re at ESC Congress 2023, don’t forget to drop by the EAS booth! Our team will be thrilled to meet you, answer your questions, and provide you with valuable resources related to our activities, and more. This is your chance to interact directly with EAS representatives and discover how our society can support your professional journey.

EAS-EAS Joint session
Title: Targeting the Spectrum of Atherogenic Lipoproteins: What to Do and How to Do It
Date: 25 August, 2023

Conference room: Oslo
Time: 16:30 CET

  • What are the unmet needs for lipid-lowering in the population? Speaker: Maciej Banach (Medical University of Lodz  – Lodz, Poland)
  • New therapies to lower LDL-C: how to choose? Speaker: Lale Tokgozoglu (Hacettepe University  – Ankara, Türkiye)
  • Are triglycerides and triglyceride-rich lipoproteins still relevant? Speaker: Erik Stroes (Academic Medical Centre  – Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Why measure Lp(a) and what to do about it? Speaker: Florian Kronenberg (Medical University of Innsbruck  – Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Targeting the spectrum of atherogenic lipoproteins: what to do and how to do it – discussion Discussant: Paul M Ridker (Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Boston, United States of America)

The EAS-ESC Joint Session isn’t just about presentations; it’s a hub for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas. Get ready for an enlightening experience.

EAS Education:

Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – 2023 Update

Understanding the role of lipids in health and disease is important for a broad spectrum of different professionals working in health care and in society at large. This programme is primarily suited to physicians in internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology, endocrinology and in general practice.

Outside this group, this educational programme is highly relevant to nurses working in lipid clinics, in cardiovascular prevention, in diabetes and in many other clinics training care of patients with cardiovascular or metabolic diseases.

Others who will find the educational content of this programme highly relevant include scientists working in cardiovascular epidemiology and in basic cardiovascular research, and persons employed in the pharma industry.

Participants will improve their understanding of the role of lipids in health and disease on several different levels. These different levels include:

  • basic understanding of lipids chemistry and lipoprotein metabolism
  • the role of lipids as risk factors
  • the mechanisms of lipids in cardiovascular disease
  • understanding of lipid disorders and the role of genetics and environmental factors
  • pharmacological interventions against lipid disorders
  • the clinical development of lipids
  • lipid-lowering treatment in cardiovascular prevention and the development of new therapeutic targets
Find out more about the Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – 2023 Update

EAS Collaborations:

Diet at the Heart article series

Calling all primary care practitioners, including general practitioners (GPs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs)!

We are pleased to announce that the fourth article in “The Diet at the Heart” series is now available.

Uncover evidence-based recommendations and pragmatic suggestions that will equip you to steer your patients towards effectively managing their dyslipidemia through adjustments in diet and lifestyle.

Seize the opportunity to access the tutorial now and refine your proficiency in bolstering cardiovascular well-being.

1. Does the festive season lead to a period of hypercholesterolemia in the new year?

2. Dietary options and lifestyle play a role in cholesterol management

3. How health care professionals (HCPs) can advise on a heart-heathy diet and help fight the climate crisis

4. How are plant-based diet patterns beneficial in lowering atherogenic blood lipids?

EAS Publications:

Get the Clinician’s Handbook for a knowledge boost!

Discover your full potential, improve your clinical skills, and achieve better patient outcomes with the Clinician’s Handbook. This valuable tool is available for download only to EAS members, giving you important knowledge to improve the care you give.

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EAS Governance:

Submit your application for this exceptional grant opportunity!

The call for applications is still open! This is your opportunity to secure funding and gain recognition for your project.

The application deadline is September 13th, 2023.

Don’t miss out on this chance to bring your project to life. Take the first step towards realizing your goals and apply today!

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EAS Collaborations:

Joint BAS/EAS/ESC Young Scientist symposium, September 8

At the upcoming BAS Annual meeting in September the BAS / EAS / ESC Young Scientist Community invites you to join us for a career advancement session in the cardiovascular research arena.

These talks will consist of valuable insights into the grant writing process and building a successful cardiovascular research career. This is a must attend talk for any junior researcher hoping to improve their grant writing skills and learn how to progress their career from junior to intermediate level scientist and beyond.

Importantly, you will also get the opportunity to meet other great young scientists attending the BAS Annual meeting for networking and have a chance to discuss potential collaborations.

The BAS / EAS / ESC Young Scientist Community, is organising the symposium, that will be held on Friday 8th September, 14:15-15:00, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK.

Register for the BAS Annual meeting

Joint BAS/EAS/ESC Young Scientist symposium Programme

EAS Society:

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