EAS Newsletter April 18, 2023

EAS Academy:

Webinar “Update on the impact of nutrition on ASCVD” available on-demand

March ended with the excellent Update on the impact of nutrition on ASCVD. We have learnt more about the optimal dietary interventions intended to prevent ASCVD.

Two European experts shared their knowledge and summarized the state-of-the-art regarding the new insights into the functionality of the subspecies of saturated fatty acids and the wide spectrum of insights about the Mediterranean diet obtained after the Predimed trial.

Now, as an EAS member, you’ll find this webinar available on-demand on EAS Academy. If you are not already, but you like to become a member, read more about EAS membership.

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EAS Congress:

A few days left to register for the EAS Congress at regular fees!

Only a few days left to benefit financially to register for the #EASCongress2023 in Mannheim. You will save up to 225€ to register before April 20th! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and secure your seat at regular fee.

What do we offer you as an EAS Congress attendee?

  • Benefits of attending in-person:
    Face-to-face interaction – nothing can overshadow real-life human communication.
    Networking – making new contacts is done best when people meet each other.
    Opportunities – take an active part in the conversation of the hour.
    The chance to explore – a new country and a new culture.
    People’s projects – find out what people are working on or are interested in.
    Feedback – great chance to receive valuable feedback for your work.
    Suggestions – collect tips and ideas to apply to your project.
    Learn – listen to your colleagues, build on your skills and knowledge.
    Feel – remind yourself of the sense of community and togetherness

  • Benefits of attending online: 
    Flexibility – attend anytime, anywhere
    Comfort – join from your office, clinic or home.
    New experience – feel a virtual event if you have never been to one!
    A chance to attend – times are tricky for travelling, but online knows no boundaries.
    Spread your knowledge easier – over chats and social media channels to a wider audience.
    More time for research – dig into background research, search for more data during the Congress.
    Connect – make contacts without any geographical boundaries.
    Go green  – reduced harmful emissions for travelling.

EAS Collaboration:

Don’t forget to submit your abstract to the 46th European Lipoprotein Club meeting

The 46th European Lipoprotein Club meeting will be held at the Evangelische Akademie in Tutzing, Germany, from September 11-14, 2023.

In order to participate in the meeting, your abstract needs to be accepted for presentation either orally or as poster. The abstracts are all selected according to their scientific merit, and it has become one of the traditions of the ELC meeting that many graduate students give presentations.

Head to the links below to read more about the meeting and submit your abstract:

About the meeting

Scientific Programme

Abstract submission

EAS Education:

EAS Advanced Course in Rare Lipid Disorders

We invite you to register for the upcoming EAS Advanced Course in Rare Lipid Disorder organized by prof Ioanna Gouni-Berthold, University of Cologne, Germany.

The course will start at 14:00 CET tomorrow Wednesday, April 19. All presentations will be held in English.

Follow the links below for more information:

EAS Education:

The EAS Lipotoxicity Course

In recent decades, clinical research on lipids and lipoproteins was predominantly focused on the cholesterol and triglyceride content of lipoproteins and their pathogenic contribution to ASCVD.  However, both plasma and organs contain many other lipids including sterols, phospholipids, sphingolipids and fatty acids as well as many of their metabolic precursors and products. They are structurally very heterogeneous and fulfil a broad variety of functions including membrane and lipoprotein formation and signalling via cell surface or nuclear receptors. By altering cellular metabolism and function they exert positive and adverse effects on many organs and hence human health. The loss and gain of physiological and pathological functions, respectively, likely contribute to the pathogenesis of many diseases beyond ASCVD, such as diabetes mellitus, metabolic-associated liver disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease and neurodegenerative diseases.

We are delighted to announce that top experts in the field will join this conference and share their expertise in an interactive way.

The EAS LIPOTOXICITY COURSE aims to summarize and discuss our knowledge and perspectives on

  • the effect of lipid species on cell and organ function
  • the impact of lipotoxicity on organ damage
  • the contribution of metabolomics/lipidomics technologies toward a better understanding of lipid metabolism, and pathogenic mechanisms as well as the identification of biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

We are looking forward to welcoming interested scientists and clinicians in Prague for an exciting meeting.

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