Certificate of Excellence in Lipidology – Update 2023 available now

The EAS ACADEMY course leading to the Certificate in Excellence in Lipidology has been an appreciated tool for education in the field of Lipidology for more than ten years. The goal of the programme is to give a deep insight into the basics of lipidology, as well as to be a practical guidance in the treatment of patients with dyslipidaemia. The program is continuously revised, but this year a more extended revision has been made to cover recent progress in the field of lipidology.

The Course is accredited by UEMS, and participants completing the programme can claim 10 CME credits from EACCME®.

What’s new?

Here are some examples of new contents in this year’s version of the Excellence in Lipidology course.

  • The importance of triglyceride rich lipoproteins has been emphasized recently and are now covered by two lectures: One on triglyceride metabolism by professor Chris Packard and another on the role of remnants by professor Borge Nordestgaard.
  • Recent advances in genetics of dyslipidaemia are covered by professor Brian Ference.
  • In a lecture by Professor Sotirios Tsimikas we get an update on the importance of lipoprotein(a).
  • Genetic scoring, another important subject, is discussed by professor Jaqueline Dron.
  • In recent years new therapeutic options have emerged and these are discussed in a series of lectures, covering for example PCSK9 inhibitors, omega-3 acids, bempedoic acid and new data on fibrates.
  • The field of lipidology is developing fast and new emerging treatments are being developed. New strategies, such as drugs targeting apoCIII, gene-based therapies and RNA-targeting strategies are discussed and put into perspective as future options in clinical practice.

The 2023 version of Certificate in Lipidology is covering the frontline of research as well as clinical practice and current guidelines in the field of lipidology. It should be an excellent tool for education in the field, for clinicians as well as for researchers working in the field of lipidology as well as in atherosclerosis in general.

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