ASCVD and Lp(a) assessment survey among clinicians


This survey is being conducted by the EAS-appointed Steering committee of the Lipid Clinic Network.
We invite you, as a member of the Lipid Clinic Network, to participate in an online Survey Lp(a) evaluation and cardiovascular risk assessment.

The survey is closed


In many European countries clinicians measure Lp(a) levels in patients already believed to have an elevated risk of CVD. Within each country, the healthcare system and local circumstances determine how Lp(a) assessment is handled in the clinic. We wish to build up a picture of how different European clinics approach Lp(a) evaluation as part of cardiovascular risk assessment by surveying the clinics in the Lipid Clinic Network about their practice.

We will analyse the survey data to see how and when Lp(a) evaluation is used in practice as part of cardiovascular risk assessment, where actions based on the evaluation results give benefit to the patient, and what obstacles and challenges clinics face in practice.

We will publish our analyses of the data as a report, which we will share with the Lipid Clinic Network, to inform, motivate and support implementation of effective, Europe-wide, common practice for Lp(a) evaluation as part of cardiovascular risk assessment.


We collect your name and contact details for administrative purposes only.
Your answers to the survey questions will be handled anonymously.

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