EAS Lipid Clinic Network

– Working together to address challenges in management of lipid disorders in European countries

The aim of the Lipid Clinic Network is to provide a structure to establish uniform EU-wide standards of diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with lipid disorders, based on the ESC/EAS Guidelines on management of dyslipidaemias. By forming a structured European network of lipid clinics dedicated to diagnosis and management of lipid disorders, we will facilitate exchange, education and promote the work of clinical lipidologists, enabling you to share:

  • clinical experiences in the management of affected patients
  • knowledge about diagnosis
  • information about outcomes
  • approaches to barriers to sub-optimal patient care

The Lipid Clinic Network will also serve as the basis for educational activities and training, including web-based and online education.

Are you interested of becoming part of the Lipid Clinic Network? We kindly ask you to respond to the following questions: