How to use social media effectively

On the 8th of March the EAS on behalf of the EAS Social Media ambassadors will host the interactive digital workshop “How to use social media effectively”.

Together with our experts Dr Jubbal, Prof Kaycioglu and Prof Sabouret, our hosts Prof Maciej Banach, Prof Roeters van Lennep and Prof Kaiser, will discuss how you can promote your career using social media. During the workshop tips and tricks will be provided, but also how to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to boost your carreer: what works and what not.

Finally we will have our EAS Social Media ambassador as panelists for your questions.

Time in CETProgrammeSpeaker
18:00IntroductionProf Maciej Banach, Prof Jeanine Roeters van Lennep and Prof Sergio Kaiser​
18:05How to use social media: tips and tricks ​Invited speaker Dr Jubbal​
18:20How can Facebook and Instagram boost your career?​Invited speaker Prof Meral Kaycioglu​
18:30How to use Twitter: what works and what not? Making relationships in academia​Invited speaker Prof Pierre Sabouret
18:40Discussion with invited EAS #SoMe​Moderators: Prof Maciej Banach and Prof Jeanine Roeters van Lennep​