Professor Philippe Moulin, 60 years old, is head of department of endocrinology since 2003 and professor of human nutrition since 1995 at Faculté Lyon Est, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University France.

He is in charge of an INSERM team in the INSERM research Unit CARMEN U1060, a position he has held for the last 15 years.

He is past president of the French Society of Atherosclerosis (NSFA) 2015-2017, and he organized the EAS Congress in Lyon, in 2013.

Following a post doc in Alan Tall Laboratory 1989-1991 devoted to CETP, he moved into the field of the regulation of triglyceride metabolism contributing to the identification of the first mutations of Apo AV, of auto antibodies against LPL  and GPIHBP1. He proposed, thanks to a European collaboration, a phenotypic score to help in the diagnosis of Familial vs Multifactorial Chylomicronemia Syndrome.

He contributed to set up the French familial hypercholesterolemia network which leads to the discovery of PCSK9. His team currently conduct research in the field of hypolipidemias. In addition to his work related to dyslipidemias, he dealt with cardiovascular complications assessment  and new vascular imaging methods in type 2 diabetes.


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