How infraclinic atherosclerosis assessment contributes to personalized lipidology

Webinar from Thursday December 16, 2021

Assessment of infra clinic coronary atherosclerosis is a valuable tool to highlight therapeutic decision in dyslipidaemic patients, allowing an improvement in risk stratification and access to a more personalized medicine

The first and the second talk will provide a clinical overview of two different strategies the third one will provide insight into the potential of a new step in CT scan

Chair: Philippe Moulin

When do I need a Coronary Calcium Score for a dyslipidaemic patient? Pr Eric Bruckert Paris

When do I need coronary imaging for a dyslipidaemic patient? Pr Stephan Gielen Detmold

What is the future of spectral Computed Tomography in high ASCVD risk patients? Dr Sara Boccalini