Coming soon – EAS Certificate in Lipidology for nurses and allied healthcare professionals

Practical advice to help you recognise and manage those in your care with high cardiovascular risk.

Understanding the role of lipids in health and disease is important for professionals working in health care, who are often faced with challenges in how to deal with aspects of atherosclerotic vascular disease in day-to-day practice.

This new online educational programme has been created by EAS for nurses and healthcare professionals working in lipid clinics, in cardiovascular prevention, in diabetes and in other clinics, who come across patients with lipid disorders, cardiovascular or metabolic diseases.

The modular programme comprises short talks from clinical practitioners and research experts, from nurses, and from patients themselves. The contributors give practical tips and advice on management of patients with inherited lipid disorders and others at high cardiovascular risk.

Prof Philippe Moulin, chair of the EAS Web Education Committee, introduces the Course programme and describes what you can expect to learn.