Election for the EAS Executive Committee

Elections to EAS Executive Committee

The EAS Executive Committee is the elected governing body responsible for the running of the Society. Its members determine the scientific direction of the Society, and are responsible for strategic planning of EAS activities and the Society’s financial management.
In 2024 we are looking for new active and engaged members to join this Committee and EAS members have put forward their proposals to fill the vacant positions as detailed below.

Vacant positions

The following positions on the Executive Committee that will become vacant January 2025:

  • Vice President (2025-2028)
  • Secretary (2025-2028)
  • Treasurer-Elect (2025, 2026-2029)
  • Ordinary Committee member B – communication (2025-2028)
  • Ordinary Committee member C – education (2025-2028)
  • Ordinary Committee member D – outreach (2025-2028)