Improving the Cardiovascular Health of the Population—Everything the modern clinician needs to know

EAS Office · September 1, 2021

Taking this course will help you use the current guidelines to assess and manage the cardiovascular risk of your patients.

This programme has been created by EAS with the busy modern clinician in mind.

You will work your way through a short curriculum of 15-min modules and recorded case-presentation webinars. The programme’s short-module format makes it easy for you to complete your studies in your own time.

A programme in 3 parts – here’s what you can expect to learn

Part 1: Essential update modules. A series of six 15-minutes lectures, where EAS expert speakers each present essential information and the very latest findings from research and clinical trials, and talk about what these data mean for your everyday clinical practice. Answer multiple choice questions on each presentation to gain a certificate.

Part 2: Case-based webinars. Three webinars, each lasting 1 hour, where EAS experts illustrate with case examples how to implement the guidelines in practice.

Part 3: Clinical trials and your practice. A final 1-hour webinar covering the latest on clinical trials and how they will affect clinical practice.

Start here: 15-min modules to inform your everyday practice

We recommend that you begin the programme with these six essential modules on topics highly relevant to the modern clinician.

The assessment of clinical need and implementation of current guidelines

The first three modules cover key points from recent guidelines and how to implement them in your practice (Module 1: Guidelines); the challenges in existing approaches (Module 2: Real World Data); the safety and importance of maintaining low LDL-C (Module 3: Safety of low LDL-C);

Special consideration of high-risk populations

Modules 4-6 look into the importance of more intensive LDL-C lowering with combination therapies in specific high-risk populations (Module 4: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia , FH; Module 5: Acute Coronary Syndrome, ACS; Module 6: Other High-risk Populations).

In each module, the essential points and most up-to-date findings are summarised in a 15-minute presentation by a leading EAS expert. After watching the talks, complete two multiple choice questions on each topic to gain a downloadable Certificate of Achievement.

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Meet the Experts: Case-based learning for the modern clinician

EAS President Prof Kausik Ray, UK, and the EAS experts taking part in this series of webinars, talk us through how they assess and manage diverse CVD cases. Using their experience of difficult cases they illustrate how to implement current guidelines and put into practice relevant theoretical knowledge.

Case-based learning, webinar #1

Recorded live, October 18, 2021

  • Moderator: Prof Kausik Ray (UK)
  • Presenters: Prof Pablo Corral (Argentina) & Prof Alberico L. Catapano (Italy)
  • Case presentations include:
    • A patient with polyvascular disease, recurrent events progression & comorbidities
    • HeFH and statin intolerance
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Case-based learning, webinar #2

Recorded live, October 25, 2021

  • Moderator: Prof Kausik Ray (UK)
  • Presenters: Prof Lale Tokgozoglu (Turkey) & Prof Frederick Raal (South Africa)
  • Case presentations include:
    • An ACS patient with comorbidities
    • HeFH, late diagnosis
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Case-based learning, webinar #3

Recorded live, November 01, 2021

  • Moderator: Prof Kausik Ray (UK)
  • Presenters: Prof Alberto Zambon (Italy) & Prof Jeanine Roeters van Lennep (The Netherlands)
  • Case presentations include:
    • A patient presenting with hypercholesterolaemia
    • Women and heart disease, ACS atypical presentation
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Webinar: What recent clinical trials say about lipid lowering, and what that means for your practice

In this concluding webinar our expert presenters – Prof Kausik Ray (UK), Prof Stephen Nicholls (Australia) and Prof Lale Tokgozoglu (Turkey) – look to the horizon, summarising the very latest research findings and clinical trials outcomes, and talking about the implications for how we will manage cardiovascular disease in the future.

Recorded live, December 06, 2021

  • Chair: Prof Kausik Ray (UK)
  • Presenters: Prof Kausik Ray (UK), Prof Stephen Nicholls (Australia) and Prof Lale Tokgozoglu (Turkey)
  • Programme:
    • Prof Ray: FH a global perspective. What can we learn from the EAS FH Studies Collaboration data?
    • Prof Nicholls: Plaque stabilisation with intensive LDL-C lowering in ACS patients. What do Huygens data tell us?
    • Prof Tokgozoglu: Moving from Intensive Statin Therapy to Intensive Lipid Lowering 
    • Panel discussion
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Getting started & accessing the course

There is no fee to take this course, but to access the modules you do need to sign in using your EAS Username & Password. If you’re not already a member, sign up for membership, or register for free as a Guest member.

Questions or support?

EAS Have independently organised all matters related to this activity, including content and presenters. We acknowledge financial support, in the form of an educational grant, received from Amgen in support of the programme.

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