Dr. Michael Roden is Chair/Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases as well as Director of the Department of Endocrinology&Diabetology, Heinrich-Heine University, University Hospital Düsseldorf, and CEO of the German Diabetes Center (DDZ). He was trained at University Vienna and Yale University. His translational research addresses insulin resistance and energy metabolism, specifically using noninvasive technologies, as well as diabetes and its comorbidities, e.g. fatty liver disease. He has published 600+ peer-reviewed papers, received several awards (e.g. Oskar-Minkowski Prize, G. B. Morgagni Gold Medal, Paul-Langerhans Medal) and holds honorary doctorates of the Universities of Athens and Belgrade. Prof. Roden was President of the Central European Diabetes Association, the Austrian Diabetes Association and currently serves as Chairman of the Europ. Federation f.t. Study of Diabetes (EFSD). In 2016, he was appointed by the President of Germany as member of the German Council of Science and Humanities and became head of its Committee Medicine.


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