Marja-Riitta Taskinen MD, PhD is an Emerita Professor of Medicine and her research team is a member of the Research Program for Clinical and Molecular Metabolism (CAMM), Biomedicum Helsinki, University of Helsinki. Her expertise is in the field of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, cardiovascular disease, vascular health, NAFLD and diabetes. Her research interest includes lipoprotein kinetics in health and metabolic disorders including diabetes, dyslipidemias and genetics of familial dyslipidemias. Her current research focus is on the pathophysiology of liver lipid and lipoprotein metabolism in health and disease, and the pathophysiology of lipid disorders.

She has 471 original publications and 139 reviews and chapters (H-index 103). Her outstanding achievements have been recognized by several international awards including the Claude Bernard Award (EASD 2002), Edwin Bierman Award (ADA 2004) and Novartis Award (2006). She was selected as Robert Levy Memorial Lecturer by American Heart Association (AHA 2017) and as EASD honorary member in 2017. She has been involved in activities of European Atherosclerosis Society (President of EAS 2006-2008) as well as of the EASD and IDF. She is an ESC fellow and a Task Force member of the ESC/EAS guidelines in “Lipid management” and a member of EAS Consensus Paper Panel.


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