CEO and scientific programm director of the VIVIT; Dean of the Medical and Scientific Faculty at UFL, Chief Physician off-duty, Department of Internal Medicine at LKHF

1976 Medical degree with highest award of the Republic of Austria, University of Innsbruck. 1983-1987 Assistant Professor, leading physician of the Diabetes inpatient and outpatient clinic, University of Innsbruck. 1991-1994 Head of Lipid Research, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland. Since 1994 Professor of Medicine; 1994–2016 Head of Department of Medicine, County Hospital of Feldkirch (since 2000 designated “Academic Teaching Hospital of Feldkirch”), Austria. Since 1997: Head of the research institute VIVIT at the Academic Teaching Hospital Feldkirch, Austria Since 2006 Dean of the Medical Faculty and Full Professor of Medicine (Cardiology and Endocrinology), Private University of the Principality of Liechtenstein. 2018-2020 President of the ESC-Working Group “Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy” Since 2020 Head of the Department of Internat Medicine & Intensive Care, County Hospital Bregenz, Austria


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