Professor Guido De Meyer is head of the Laboratory of Physiopharmacology and head of the Infla-Med Research Consortium of Excellence at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. 
His research focuses on the morphological and haemodynamic changes that occur during the development and rupture of atherosclerotic plaques. By combining different experimental models with human vascular material the role of autophagy, apoptosis, necrosis, necroptosis, ferroptosis and intra-plaque angiogenesis in the vulnerability of the atherosclerotic plaque is extensively studied and linked to pharmacological treatment of the above mentioned parameters. This multidisciplinary approach could result in a better understanding of the various factors involved in the etiopathogenesis and clinical consequences of atherosclerosis and could result in novel therapeutic interventions.
Currently, the hypothesis that arterial stiffening is a driving force in cardiac and renal failure and neurodegeneration is also being investigated.


Dietary polyphenols and arterial stiffness89th EAS Congress 2021