Charis Antoniades is a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Consultant Cardiologist. He was awarded his PhD title with hons on the genetics of premature myocardial infarction, and during his PhD studies he won multiple Young Investigator award competitions, including those of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) twice, the ISHR and others. He has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award of the basic Cardiovascular Science Council of the European Society of Cardiology in 2016, a National clinical excellence award in 2020 and has given various named lectures. He is the Director of Acute Vascular Imaging Centre of the University of Oxford, the Deputy Head of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and director of the Oxford Academic cardiovascular CT programme (and Oxford Academic Cardiovascular CT Core Lab). He is also the Chair of the British Atherosclerosis Society.

His research is focused on the study of the cross-talk between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system, with specific interest in the non-invasive imaging of inflammation. He directs the Oxford Heart Vessels and Fat programme, and coordinates large national flagship programmes (such as the UK C19-CRC) and international multicentre studies (e.g. ORFAN study). His research has led to the development of novel imaging biomarkers using Computed Tomography, with major role in cardiovascular risk prognosis.

He is also deputy editor of Cardiovascular Research, one of the editors of British Journal of Pharmacology and associate editor of Hellenic Journal of Cardiology. He has published more than 300 peer review scientific papers in high impact journals like the Lancet, Science Transl Med, Circulation, JACC, EHJ and others. He is one of the founders of the Scientists of Tomorrow of the ESC and has served as vice chair in the Marie Curie Fellowships panel of the European Commission. He is also founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Caristo Diagnostics, a university of Oxford spinout company


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