Bart Staels, PhD., Full Professor, University of Lille, is director of the Inserm Unit UMR 1011, Lille, France.
Staels’ transdisciplinary research covers the fields of obesity, diabetes, hepatic and cardiovascular diseases focussing on molecular pharmacology of these cardio-metabolic diseases. He particularly studies the role of nuclear receptors (such as the PPARs, FXR, Rev-erba and RORa) in the control of inflammation and lipid and glucose homeostasis as well as the transcriptional mechanisms involved.

To date, B. Staels has published >900 papers, including 220 review articles, published abstracts and several book chapters. He received the ISI citations award, ranked in the top 35 highest publishing French researchers in the French 2007 Necker Institute dossier (2000-2005), in the 2018 Highly Cited Researchers list of Clarivate Analytics and in the Google Scholar h-index 2019 list.


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