Dr Anja Vogt is an internist and Head of Lipidology and Lipoprotein Apheresis at Medical Clinic and Policlinic IV, Munich, Germany. Dr Vogt received her medical degree from the University of Munich in 1993, and has been with the University of Munich for over 14 years. A specialist in the treatment of dyslipidaemias, and as head of Lipoprotein Apheresis at the University of Munich, she is involved in the research activities of the German Lipoprotein Apheresis Registry. As such, she has particular clinical and research interests in inherited hyperlipidaemias, including homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. Dr Vogt has contributed to several clinical trials as well as real-world evidence studies regarding the treatment of patients with hyperlipidaemias and high-risk cardiovascular disease, and has published widely on these topics.


HoFH: Earlier, Lower, Longer91th EAS Congress 2023Optimizing Management of HoFH in a Changing LandscapePanel Discussion: Optimizing Management of HoFH in a Changing Landscape91th EAS Congress 2023Optimizing Management of HoFH in a Changing Landscape