PhD Student in Biomedicine with National Research Grant from Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain, 2020 – Actual) in Nutrigenomics and Metabolic Syndrome Group at Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Córdoba (IMIBIC, Spain)/Visiting PhD at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich (Germany) in Epigenetics at Complex Diseases Group. Degree in Biochemistry (2012-2016) and Master in Translational Biomedical Research (2018) at University of Córdoba (Spain)./ Background in nutrition and metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease). Experience in biochemical techniques (gene and protein expression, gene transfection, epigenetics, confocal microscopy, oxidation levels, etc.) Biosatistical and bioinformatics skills. Previous collaborative works with University of Barcelona (Spain) and Helmholtz Zentrum Munich (Germany)


Mediterranean diet preserves kidney function in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity: from the cordioprev study91th EAS Congress 2023Lifestyle: from epidemiology to molecular signatures