Announcing Candidates 2023

We are pleased to announce the candidates for the open positions on the Executive Committee (EC).
They have been selected by the Election Committee (ELCOM) from the nominations put forward by EAS members. The selection process and criteria are outlined on our Society’s website and in our bylaws.
The EAS Executive Committee is the elected governing body responsible for the management of the Society. Its members establish the scientific direction of the Society, formulate EAS activities’ strategic plans, and have oversight of the Society’s financial management.

We invite all EAS full individual members to take part in the life of the Society by using their vote, elections will be held June 1 – June 30. Thank you in advance for your participation!

The following candidates will stand for election to the vacant positions on the EAS Executive Committee:

Candidates for the position of President-Elect

The candidates for President-Elect (2024, President 2025-2028) have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a strong commitment to our Society. Both have previously served on the Executive Committee:

Candidate for President-Elect
Prof Maciej Banach
Lodz, Poland
Candidate for President-Elect Prof Børge G Nordestgaard
Copenhagen, Denmark

Candidates for the position of Executive Committee Member

The Election Committee has carefully selected the following candidates from the nominations, using criteria based on qualifications, experience, and dedication to our Society. We firmly believe that each of them possesses the necessary skills and expertise to guide EAS towards continued success.
The new member will be replacing the retiring member Prof Philippe Moulin (2020-2023) from January 2024.

Candidate for Executive Committee Member
Prof Kirsten Holven
Oslo, Norway
Candidate for Executive Committee Member
Prof Ulrich Laufs
Leipzig, Germany
Candidate for Executive Committee Member
Prof Evangelos Liberopoulos
Athens, Greece
Candidate for Executive Committee Member
Prof Isabella Sudano
Zurich, Switzerland

Assurance of Independent and Ethical Candidate Selection: Election Committee’s Commitment to Transparency

The Election Committee (ELCOM) has acted independently of, and without any influence or interference from, the current Executive Committee. The committee members have made rigorous efforts to ensure that the candidates are the most suitable choices to serve on the EC. We want our members to have complete faith in the election process’s integrity and the caliber of candidates nominated. We assure you that the committee has executed its duties in an ethical and transparent manner, devoid of any undue influence.